Best Sleep Headphones for 2022

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t get enough sleep. This can be due to a variety of factors, such as work stress, kids keeping you up at night, or simply not being able to fall asleep. If you’re looking for a way to help improve your sleep quality, then consider investing in some good sleep headphones!

In this article, we will discuss the best sleep headphones for getting a good night’s sleep. We’ll cover everything from noise cancelling headphones to earbuds that play calming sounds. So if you’re ready to start sleeping like a baby, keep reading!

Listening to sleep headphones can help you relax and drift off. Sleep earbuds are a great choice if your nighttime routine includes listening to relaxing sounds like meditation or radio while drifting off, but they’re not just limited there!

You could also use them for something more active like audiobooks that keep attention focused on the storyteller’s words rather than waking up distractions around us in social media feeds.

Bluetooth sleep headphones are the perfect accessory for every lifestyle. Whether you’re a frequent traveler, athlete or just want some noise-canceling peace and quiet while reading in your favorite chair – these stylish devices will be there to help!

Best Sleep Headphones you Can Buy Now

Bose Sleepbuds II

Best Overall

If you’re like most people, getting a good night’s sleep is important to you. But sometimes, noise can keep you up at night, whether it’s from a partner or a restless dog. Or maybe you live in a noisy city and find yourself constantly trying to drown out traffic and sirens. Bose has the perfect solution: Sleepbuds II!

These tiny earbuds have sleep technology that’s clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster. And they work with the Bose Sleep app to deliver relaxing sounds that will help you drift off to dreamland. Plus, they use Bose noise-masking technology to cover unwanted nighttime disturbances so you can get your best sleep ever. So if you’re looking for an easy solution to better sleep, look no further than the Bose Sleepbuds II.

Bose noise-masking technology uses the noise-blocking design of proprietary soft silicone ear tips A pliable fin fits snugly in the ridge of your ear, while an umbrella shape gently seals off your ear canal to passively block noise. Three sizes are included so you can find a secure, comfortable fit. Sleep on your back or your side, toss and turn, or roll over during the night, Sleepbuds will stay put.

Sleepbuds play content only from the app. Download your favorites directly onto the earbuds to customize your nighttime routine. The app also lets you set an alarm only you’ll hear, and access other features including Phone-free Mode, which allows you to program your settings ahead of time so you can leave your phone in another room overnight.

The Sleepbuds II are tiny earbuds that come with clinically proven sleep technology to help you fall asleep faster. With the Sound Library’s curated relaxation content, and Bose-engineered noise-masking sounds, the Sleepbuds II can be customized to fit your individual nighttime routine.

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HoomBand Wireless Headband

Best Library

Do you have trouble sleeping? Are you one of the millions of people who toss and turn at night, trying to find a comfortable position? If so, then you need to check out the HoomBand Wireless Headband for Sleep! This revolutionary product is designed to help you get the best sleep possible. It is ultra-thin and adjustable, so it can be worn by anyone.

The HoomBand Wireless Headband for Sleep is a revolutionary way to get better sleep. The wireless Bluetooth module allows you to listen to music or audiobooks for up to ten hours on just two hours of charging.

Plus, it comes with 100 hours of free audio content created by the best sleeping therapy experts. Whether you are looking for hypnotic stories, role plays, guided meditations, soundscapes, white noises, or ASMR content, the HoomBand has something for everyone! So don’t spend another night tossing and turning – get a HoomBand today!

The HoomBand Wireless Headband for Sleep is made with a technical mesh used for its softness and thinness. The fabric regulates temperature and keeps your head cool while you sleep. The flexible, solid, and washable material is tailored-made to ensure your comfort while you sleep.

The HoomBand Wireless Headband for Sleep also has a thermoformed foam to keep your ears comfortable while you listen to music or fall asleep. With the HoomBand Wireless Headband for Sleep, you’ll get the best night’s sleep ever! Order yours today!

The HoomBand Wireless Headband for Sleep is the perfect way to get the most out of your sleep. It is ultra-thin and adjustable, so it can be worn by anyone.

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AcousticSheep SleepPhones Wireless Sleep Headphones

Best Sleep Headphones for Side Sleepers

Looking for a comfortable way to listen to your favorite music or podcasts while you sleep? Look no further than the AcousticSheep SleepPhones! These innovative Bluetooth sleeping headphones feature ultra thin, high-quality speakers tucked inside a lightweight, machine washable headband – giving you the perfect sleep headphone Bluetooth headband.

You’ll be able to comfortably fall asleep while listening to your favorite music, podcasts, audiobooks, and more without having to use bulky headphones or painful earbuds.

SleepPhones are also some of the most comfortable and best sleep headphones for side sleepers. The speakers are thin and soft, so they won’t bother you if you sleep on your side. Plus, the headband is made from our exclusive SheepCloud fabric, which is soft and stretchy. You can move the speakers around so they fit perfectly over your ears–or remove them entirely to wash your headband.

AcousticSheep SleepPhones feature an extended life battery of up to 12 Hour play time. They only require 2 hours to fully charge! These sleep headphones have a Bluetooth connection up to 15-30 feet away. The sound quality is crystal clear, and you can listen for hours on end with the upgraded rechargeable battery.

The SleepPhones are also perfect for use during meditation, yoga, and other relaxation activities. Plus, they come with a free audio app that includes 12 sleep sounds and melodies to help you fall asleep faster and achieve a deeper sleep. With the AcousticSheep SleepPhones, you’ll be able to get the rest you need and feel more refreshed in the morning. Order your own set today!

Kokoon Nightbuds

Best Adaptive Audio and Sleep Tracker

The Kokoon Nightbuds have been designed to help you get a good night’s sleep. The headphones feature adaptive audio, which means that your audio will fade out and white noise will be introduced as you fall asleep. The Nightbuds are also equipped with noise-masking technology, which helps reduce external disturbances.

In addition, the headphones come with sleep-sensing technology, which adjusts your audio and introduces white noise as you drift off to sleep. If you’re looking for a quality pair of headphones that can help you get some restful sleep, the Kokoon Nightbuds are definitely worth checking out!

Unlike traditional headphones, which can be a bit bulky and uncomfortable to wear when you’re trying to sleep, the Nightbuds are designed specifically for side sleepers. They’re lightweight and contoured to fit comfortably around your ear, and they come with a special noise-cancelling feature that helps to block out any unwanted sounds.

Plus, they come with an accompanying app that includes a variety of soothing sounds and meditation exercises that can help you relax before bedtime. So if you’re looking for a pair of headphones that can help you get the most restful sleep possible, the Kokoon Nightbuds are definitely worth considering.

The best thing is that they’re not just for side sleepers – they can be used by anyone who wants to get a better night’s sleep. I’ve been using them for about two weeks now and I absolutely love them! They come with an easy-to-use MyKokoon App which includes an audio library providing sleep techniques and meditation exercises used in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

The relaxing audio and sleep music can help you fall asleep faster and relax more easily. The sensors in the Nightbuds share your sleep data with the app and provide you with insights such as time spent asleep, time it took to fall asleep and your overall sleep efficiency score.

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Amazfit Zenbuds

Best Sleep Headphones Features

If you’re looking for a comfortable and lightweight sleep earbud, the Amazfit Zenbuds are a great option! At only 1.78g per earbud, they are super lightweight and the skin-soft ear tips are extremely comfortable. The earbuds also feature noise-blocking design and soothing sounds that will help you relax and fall asleep.

They automatically pause playing once they detect that you’ve fallen asleep. Additionally, the Amazfit Zenbuds monitor your heart rate, sleep positions, and the quality of your sleep.

They also have a built-in smart personal assistant that can help you with productivity, calls, and breathing exercises. Overall, the Amazfit Zenbuds are a great option for anyone looking for a comfortable and lightweight sleep earbud!

The Amazfit ZenBuds monitor your heart rate, sleep positions, and the quality of your sleep. You can check your sleep quality report in the App and get recommendations for a better sleep, helping you create better habits.

The Amazfit Zenbuds are the lightest and most comfortable sleep earbuds on the market. If you’re looking for a quality pair of sleep earbuds, the Amazfit Zenbuds are your best bet.

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How to choose the best sleep headphones for you

When looking for the best sleep headphones to help you sleep better, it’s important to consider a few factors. One of the most important things is comfort. You’ll want headphones that are soft and won’t cause any irritation or discomfort while you’re trying to fall asleep.

Noise cancellation is another important feature to look for in sleep headphones. If you’re someone who is easily woken up by noise, then you’ll want the best sleep headphones that can effectively cancel out any external sounds. Finally, you’ll also want to consider the audio quality of the headphones. While it’s not as important when trying to fall asleep, you’ll still want the best sleep headphones that offer clear and crisp sound quality.

Is it OK to wear headphones while sleeping

There’s no doubt about it, sleeping with headphones on is the best way to achieve deep restful slumber. If you’re looking for some advice when using these devices or want an idea of what type would be most beneficial then keep reading! First off make sure your volume isn’t too high.

The Kokoon Nightbuds are specially designed to help you sleep. They have adaptive audio that lowers the volume of your music as it becomes quieter, so there’s no need for a loud noise when drift off into deep rest mode!

What type of headphones can you sleep with

You can sleep with any headphones as long as they are comfortable and fit well. However, there are some headphones that are specifically designed for sleeping. These sleep headphones typically have soft ear cups and a headband to keep them in place, and they often feature noise-cancelling technology to block out ambient sounds.

If you’re looking for a pair of headphones to sleep with, try one of the models recommended above.

Is it better to sleep with headphones or earbuds

There isn’t a definitive answer to this question since everyone’s preference for headphones or earbuds may be different. However, sleep headphones are often designed to be more comfortable and less obtrusive than sleep earbuds. Additionally, sleep headphones typically have noise-cancelling capabilities, which can be helpful for people who want to block out external sounds while they’re trying to sleep.

Are sleep headphones worth it

Yes, they are worth it. While there are many different types and brands of sleep headphones on the market, most offer similar benefits. The most common benefit of using sleep headphones is that they allow you to fall asleep and stay asleep by blocking out noise and other distractions.

This is beneficial for people who have trouble falling or staying asleep, as well as for those who want to get more restful sleep. You can also try using an eye massager to help you relax your eye and temple muscles, before sleep.

Another common benefit of sleep headphones is that they help you wake up more refreshed. This is because they prevent your alarm from waking you up abruptly, which can cause a feeling of grogginess. Instead, the alarm goes off gently through the headphones, which helps you start your day feeling more alert and refreshed

Can sleeping with headphones cause headaches

There is no conclusive evidence that sleeping with headphones can cause headaches. Some people find that sleeping with headphones can cause mild discomfort because of the pressure on the ears, but there is no scientific evidence that this leads to headaches.

Some people recommend using headphones while sleeping to listen to calming music or sounds to help you fall asleep. If you find that using headphones while sleeping helps you fall asleep and doesn’t cause any discomfort or headaches, then it’s probably ok to continue doing so.

However, if you start experiencing headaches after using headphones while sleeping, then it may be best to stop using them and try another method for getting a good night’s sleep.


Investing in a good pair of sleep headphones can help you finally get the rest your body deserves. In this article, we’ve listed some great options and provided tips on how to choose just right set so that they fit perfectly for any user! So what are waiting? Give these babies a go – they’ll make all those sleepless nights worth every second when it comes down to getting quality shuteye at night.

Remeber, Bluetooth sleep headphones are the perfect accessory for any activity. You can wear them while you sleep, exercise or meditate – they’ll make your favorite tunes accessible at all times!

Last Updated on December 17, 2022